Important Announcement for the Members of Corraneary Congregation

Dear friends in the Corraneary congregation,
The congregation’s elders met this afternoon (6/7/10) to discuss re-opening the meeting house for congregational worship on Sundays. Having assessed the building in light of safety restrictions that must be implemented it was decided by a unanimous vote of session to postpone meeting until the restrictions were eased to allow more people into the building.

This was not an easy decision to make and much regret was expressed by the elders. We want to be able to meet again, but sadly it would not be safe at the moment.

I encourage you please to continue availing of the alternative services via the church website or post.

I know that this must cause some frustration, but we are not out of the woods yet with regards to this pandemic. One of the ways that we can love one another as a congregation is by prioritising each other’s safety. So, for the time being we will remain at home.

Your minister,
Rev. John.