Ervey Services Temporarily Suspended

Due to the current record number of COVID-19 cases in Ireland and the highly infectious situation the elders of Ervey have decided to temporarily suspend in-person services in Ervey. We hope that services will be back soon when it is safer for those who will attend.

An Update on COVID Restrictions in Church Services

Dear church family,

We had been looking forward to the 22nd of October and the lifting of most restrictions that affect us as we gather for worship. However, as you know, the number of COVID infections and the number of related hospitalisations increased greatly in recent weeks. As a result the only change in restrictions for church services has been the removal of the limit on the number of people in attendance. Other protective measures remain, which means that we must continue to maintain two meters distance between households and continue to wear face coverings.

This is of course very disappointing and frustrating. We were especially looking forward to resuming Sunday school and are very sad that we will have to wait a while longer until the two meters distance is no longer required.

Please do remember to pray for the sick and the vulnerable and to be very careful to fight against the spread of this disease. Cases of COVID continue to be dangerously high and we must remember that young children are still not vaccinated. Pray for our health service and all those working hard to help people.

The Presbyterian Church in Ireland is in regular contact with the Taoiseach’s office, seeking clarity on these restrictions and trying to communicate our needs. I will do my best to keep you updated when the situation changes.

God bless,

Rev. John.

Church at Home – 11 July 2021

In person services today in Trinity at 10.30am and Corraneary at 12 noon will be conducted by Rev John

Online service today for Corglass and Ervey and those unable to attend conducted by Mr Brian Parker, Faith Mission.

From Sunday 18th July online services will be recordings of Rev John’s sermon series from the in person service a fortnight previous.

Prayer, Scripture Reading and Sermon


The Lord is my salvation

Blessed assurance

Be still my soul


Dear Friends,

I am delighted to inform you that Rev John is returning to duties tomorrow, Saturday 3rd July and will conduct the in person services again from Sunday 4th.
The online services on Sundays 4th and 11th July will be conducted by Rev Richard Houston, and Mr Brian Parker respectively. From Sunday 18th July the online services will follow recordings of Rev John’s sermon series.

Join with me in praying for Rev John as he resumes his duties and for your congregations, for God’s guidance and blessing in the days ahead.
Rev Daryl 

Church at Home – 27 June 2021 – John 8:2-11

Announcements In person communion services today in Trinity at 10.30am and Corraneary at 12 noon led by Rev John Faris, retired Minister of Cork & Aghada
Rev Faris also conducts today’s online service for Corglass and Ervey and for those unable to attend. 
Anyone requiring pastoral assistance please contact Rev Daryl.
Friday 2nd July at 7.30pm Drive in Service at the Fairgreen Carpark, Cootehill with Johnny Lennox for a night of gospel favourite hymns. Organised by Brian & Hazel Parker (Faith Mission). Everyone welcome. 

Prayers, Scripture Reading and Sermon


Psalm 130

And can it be

In Christ alone

Church at Home – 20 June 2021 – Matthew 14:22-26


In person Communion services today in Corglass (10.30am) and Ervey (12 noon)

Online service below for Trinity and Corraneary and for those unable to attend.

If anyone requires pastoral assistance please contact Rev Daryl.

Next Sunday, 27th June D.V. Communion Services in Trinity (10.30am) and Corraneary (12 noon)

Prayer, Scripture Reading, Children’s Address and Sermon


Psalm 23

How firm a foundation

All the way my Saviour leads me

Church at Home – 13 June 2021 – Moderator’s Service

Services today at 10.30am in Trinity and 12 noon in Corraneary conducted by David & Fiona Simpson (Sligo)

Online service conducted by the Moderator of the General Assembly, Rt. Rev Dr David Bruce.

Anyone requiring pastoral assistance please contact Rev Daryl.

The Sacrament of the Lord’s supper will be held at the in person services on Sundays 20th and 27th June, conducted by Rev John Faris, retired minister of Trinity Cork and Aghada.

Online services will be available for those congregations not meeting on a given Sunday and for those unable to attend.